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Progression Pyramid

In order to ensure each operator is given a sense of improvement and development, Chepstow Plant International have developed the Progression Pyramid. This program contains unique challenges at each level, culminating in a test to assess the competency of the operator following the training. The graduation of this system will give the operator and the company involved the confidence that this operator is now ready to begin work on the site in a safe, environmentally friendly but also efficient and productive manor.

In order to progress to each level, each operator will be required to demonstrate their skills and understanding in each of the exercises. This will begin with the simple machine knowledge any operator must have prior to begin the training, such as terminology and basic movement. This will then progress to some familiarisation exercises such ‘Whack-a-Mole’. Albeit a fun game, it allows operators to become accustomed to the system, whilst it also instils productivity into the operator from the beginning. This works in tandem with a series of driving and attachment exercises, prior to the controlled exercises.

These exercises are designed to test the operator in different ways, paving the way for progression and confidence within the operator. The operator will start with exercises such as basic rock and soil handling, with the view to progress to ditch digging and rock loading. In these first loading exercises the truck will be stationary, with the emphasis on the loading. As the operator progresses, this will evolve into side loading with excavator placement, planning ahead and the work-flow for the operator to consider. These more challenging tasks enable the operator to develop his or her understanding of operating an hydraulic excavator on a site environment. Upon completing of the seven levels of the Progression Pyramid, operators will graduate with a certificate from Chepstow Plant International to certify they have completed the advanced simulator training program.

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